Members of the association in AFAMO receive workshop on how to improve sales

This Monday August 10, the staff that works in the companies of the members of the Association of Furniture Manufacturers of Ocotlan (AFAMO) attended the facilities of the Association to take the workshop "Secrets practical for successful sales", taught by the lecturer Carlos Salcedo. Within the workshop attendees learned another way to see the sales. Within the workshop who attended learned another way of seeing sales and above all more ways of selling the product made in the factory where they work.

At the Conference Carlos Salcedo mentioned that sales is helping people and based on that the present conducted a series of dynamics in order to learn other methods to close deals.

Carlos Salcedo, precised a series of points so that the reader not only to read them, but meditate them and can put them into practice: "this is not to sell more, but to sell better". “The best way of persuading the buyer is asking”. "As vendors when we talk longer with the buyer have less chances of selling"

Nobody is going to buy you if you are not filled with enthusiasm  "No one has a rate of 100 percent in sales".
For Association of AFAMO is very important that the workers of our members will also train and explore more habilities that until now they do not know as they grow we all grow.
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