Conference Learning to See Deer

On July 30, 2015, the members of the Association of Furniture Manufacturers of Ocotlan (AFAMO), attended the conference, Learning To See Deer, given by Eduardo Caccia who is a specialist of Neuromarketing. Below you will find the brand companies he has worked for, as well as a brief tour of his academic career. 


  •  Eduardo Caccia, founder of Mindcode, company that dedicates itself to the innovation and positioning of brands. He is a co-creator of the brand-genetic hardware, and a pioneer of the integration of the social sciences in the investigation to understand better the behavior of the consumer.
  • Eduardo has been a teacher in the Pan-American University of Mexico, and a member of the University of San Diego in the Corporate Offices and Professional Training departments. He has collaborated in articles about branding and cultural code topics for the most important business magazine of Mexico, Expansion. The newspaper of Mexico is led by Grupo Reforma, the magazine Proceso, and La Jornada. Eduardo is a professional speaker and has given more than a hundred speeches and conferences on diverse topics in Mexico and abroad.
  •  Sabritas, Danone, Kellogg, Nestlé, Nextel, Italiannis, Bimbo, Cinépolis, Tequila Cuervo, Sauza Tequila, Pedro Domecq, Maseca, ProMéxico, TV Azteca, Televisa, Holcim, Microsoft, Mabe, Smuckers, Folgers Coffee, Wings, Fiesta Inn . Fiesta Americana, Marlboro, Kodak, Tecate, Pepsico, Oxxo, DHL, Coca Cola, Bacardi, are some of the companies that Eduardo has worked for, now, also AFAMO.

The conference was attended by the executives and the current president of the Association, Eduardo Pérez Orozco, who gave an appreciation certificate to the speaker of the conference, Eduardo Caccia.

Eduardo Caccia, in the lecture, explained the importance of brands in the global market, therefore specified that it is necessary for each brand to have a corporate image to demonstrate its reason of being, reason that would have to go directly with the added value of each brand.  

He also spoke about the different values that people give to goods. These values diversify the markets, thus, he assured that if a customer buys at a furniture store, it´s because they saw a value in the goods acquired, meaning this value was not seen at other furniture stores. 

Eduardo Caccia invited the associates to investigate the reason of being of their companies, if they do not know, they would have to speak with the founders of their furniture factories and ask why create a furniture company and to find the value of each furniture product manufactured. 

According to Caccia, the needs that have to do with the Stone Age are the best sold by the international brands. He explained that the brands tend to sell intangible things, such as freedom, glamour, and appearance; therefore, even if the products are material made, it is necessary to think in selling methods that have as a target, selling ideals. In the case of furniture manufacturers, the ideals would have to deal with the home, place where most of the sold furniture ends.    

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