Sales Seminar

On Monday, Febuary 9th   " Sales Seminar" came to an end.

In which we focus on introducing our participants to enter, learning new skills that will be of great help to learn about everything needed for a good and successful sales agent.

With the help of this acute information provided by our participants and attendees, our guests had a satisfactory experience about different ways of doing business, giving excellent end to these and ensuring a successful sale to the customer, without leaving aside a great deal.

Thanks to all this we add one more step in the perfection of existing methodologies and ways to improve efficiency at the time in which you want to successfully complete a sale and do business, advancing individual and group growth as a company, ensuring success and prosperity for a promising future.

Definitely a pleasant and a joyful experience, AFAMO is grateful to all participants for attending this "Sales Seminar" and remind you that you are cordially invited to future events, we will be waiting with grateful joy.

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