Alebrije Business Development

On Wednesday January 28th at the premises of  AFAMO there was a meeting held ,  where Alebrije business development presented their new project,  Alebrije is a business developer who seeks the internationalization of companies, implementing strategies of foreign trade, marketing international trends and development of graphic communication, focused on the target market.

It was emphasized that within the framework of international promotion activities of the different sectors we have in Mexico, it is essential to develop a series of strategies to detonate such promotion of efficient in a effective manner in which they enlisted here in which are useful for the development of enterprises:

• Specialized Exhibitions abroad

• International Trade Missions

• Agendas of group business and individual

All with the goal of opening marketing and distribution channels in the US allowing a quick foray into the American market and ease of developing business networks from a counterparty having access to detonate an export business.

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